The Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery is the result of the hard work of two friends with the goal to bring two things to our beloved Greenville – incredibly delicious, well-made and high-quality baked goods and coffee; and accessible, locally-grown and produced foods!  Located in what was formerly an abandoned building at 205 Cedar Lane Rd, just two miles from downtown Greenville and on the Swamp Rabbit bicycle trail, we are safely accessible by car, bicycle, and foot.

The Grocery strives to source at least half of its inventory from sources within 150 miles of us.  Why?  By buying local, we know exactly where our food comes from and how it was grown, we can be certain that our produce is fresh and harvested at its peak, and we keep our dollars within our local economy.

The Bakery works hard to use high-quality ingredients, including King Arthur Artisan flours, truly sustainable coffee products, organic and local dairy products for both our coffee drinks and baking, and seasonal and organic produce which come (as often as possible) from within 150 miles of us. We recycle and we compost.

Everything we do is from scratch and we choose our ingredients with care. The ingredient list for our products looks like this: flour, evaporated cane juice, local free-range eggs, local milk, local butter, yeast. As a result, customers will find that our baked goods are not only delicious, but they are not nearly as sweet as conventional bakery items containing white sugar and syrups.

We believe in creating a stronger community, and so we provide the perfect platform for community members to both meet and interact.  We host local-food potlucks in the warmer months, both to get customers to try out new recipes with local ingredients and to meet each other.  We also believe in improving the lives of our employees and our community so we participate in local events like the Indie Craft Parade and Albino Skunk Music Festival, and we regularly provide food donations to local causes we believe in.


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