Featured #SwampFarmer: Patch of Heaven Heritage Farm

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Julia and Ron Jaworski welcomed the Swamp Staff into their home in Walhalla, SC with open hearts and lots of treats to eat that featured her open-range eggs! Not only is Julia a veteran of the Army and a Biomedical Engineer, she has also fought cancer to create Patch of Heaven Heritage Farm in 2014. It is an oasis of 26 acres of rolling green hills and forests. Her “henny-girls” spend their days completely and freely exploring all of nature! It’s the epitome of a completely free-range chicken and they have a nice big, safe coop to come home to at night.


Jack Robert Photography

Patch of Heaven Heritage Farm is an NPIP Certified farm through Clemson University. This means that all of the 124 Delaware and New Hampshire Red Heritage Breed chickens are tested stringently for disease. The certification also includes an inspection of the soil that the chickens come into contact with. The ventilation in the coop and the freshness of the water provided are also tested, it encompasses every detail of the bird’s life. All of us Swamp Staff even wore special booties while visiting to reduce the risk of any bacteria being transferred from us to the coop ground. To further ensure the health of her flock, Julia has a State of SC veterinarian come to the farm and check the health of the birds twice a year!


Happy Ethan, happy chicken! Jack Robert Photography

We, at SRCG, are pretty big proponents of “you are what you eat” and this includes what the food that you eat eats! The chickens at Patch of Heaven eat a completely plant based, Non-GMO diet that follows the recipe that Clemson University uses. The chickens mainly only need this in the winter time when food can be scarcer and in warmer months is tapered off. Since the chickens eat so well, are healthy and happy, Patch of Heaven’s eggs are super golden and have an amazing texture and taste! Julia even says that an egg from a happy chicken can contain less bad cholesterol in it than a commercial chicken egg.


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Julia has such a passion for her farm and approaches every day with vivacity. She loves her farm, her chickens, and life. It is this passion and love that make her such an invaluable, positive part of the local food movement and our #swampfarmer family!

Chef Season loooooves chickens!


Jack Robert Photography