Featured #SwampFarmer: Southern Berkshire Farm!

img_0618Clinton and Jesse Pace, of Berkshire Farms in Westminster, SC, are officially our youngest farmers and newest addition to the Swamp Farmer family! They provide pasture-raised, non-GMO, soy- and corn-free Cornish cross chickens to both our Swamp Kitchen and our Grocery, and for the very first time, they are supplying us with broad-breasted turkeys this Thanksgiving! Our swamp staff had the pleasure of visiting this farm last week, and Farmer Jesse gave us a tutorial on how they care for their animals! Within 18 days of chicks being born, they are hand-carried to the pasture in rotation and allowed to eat and move to their hearts desire in large chicken tractors or fenced-in areas. When animals live on pasture, they eat a more varied diet of different grasses, herbs, and flowers. The diet has an enormous impact on the flavor of meat it produces, and that’s why we use it in our famous pot pies and chicken enchiladas. The woods surrounding the farm contain a ton of predators that would find a growing chicken to be a delicious treat, so the chicken tractors and fencing help to keep them safe and free from harm. Growing chickens need protein and in times of drought and cold, the bugs may be in short supply and so the chickens are fed a supplementary feed that is non-GMO, soy-free, and corn-free to keep them healthy. Despite Clinton and Jesse’s young age, they already have 10 years of experience in sustainable farming practices and understand the value of symbiotic use of land and humane practices. Keep an eye out in the future for their amazing goat meatballs and forest-raised, Berkshire heritage pork! They love having visitors and welcoming the community to their farm, so feel free to ask us for more information about them or to schedule a visit!

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South Carolina Homes features Swamp Rabbit Cafe

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SBDC Small Business of the Year Award

“On July 12, the Greenville Small Business Development Council hosted more than 100 area leaders for their first ever Small Business Awards Ceremony…The Greenville SBDC Small Business of the Year award was established to recognize a company that has served Greenville for five years and demonstrated growth in revenue, job creation and market size. The company should also be able to provide examples of their lasting impact on the Upstate community. Once all of the award nominations were reviewed, it was clear that the Swamp Rabbit Café and Grocery met all of the required criteria, and then some.”

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Southern Fare with Flair

Many customers who enter the Swamp Rabbit Cafe & Grocery for the first or second (or sometimes third!) time are surprised to find that we are both a full-service cafe AND a grocery. Personally, we love being able to buy local broccoli, rice, and milk while also ordering a latte and hearty bowl of soup.

Southern lifestyle blog StyleBlueprint has rounded up the best restaurant and grocery combination businesses in the South, and we are thrilled to be one of them!

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Swampies in the News: Feeding Greenville

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