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IMG_1430We are so proud of the ingredients we use in our food, we just can’t stop talking about it!  Almost everything listed below is also available in our Grocery.

MILK & BUTTERMILK – Happy Cow Creamery, the Upstate’s favorite dairy!  Happy Cow’s cows are grass-fed on chemical-free pastures, and the milk is processed and bottled right on the farm.  People who haven’t been able to drink milk for decades are able to drink Happy Cow’s because of the low-temperature pasteurization techniques that don’t disturb the milk’s natural enzymes.

BUTTER & CREAM – Sparkman’s Cream Valley is a family-owned dairy who’s artificial-hormone-free, all-jersey cows produce heavenly dairy products, including their own butter and heavy cream.  Their butter is a European style butter – ”Plugra” – and contains a 90% butter fat that gives it an almost cheese-like smell.  The 90 percent butter fat is just one of characteristics of a Jersey Cow.  One other characteristic of a Jersey Cow is that she produces a 42 % heavy cream, naturally.

FLOURS – We use King Arthur Artisan flours for the majority of our breads and breakfast pastries, and organic whole wheat pastry flour for our muffins, chocolate chip cookies, and specials.

SWEETENER – Organic evaporated cane juice is our sweetener of choice.  It is less processed than conventional white sugar.  Organic evaporated cane juice is made from sugar cane raised according to the U. S. Department of Agriculture’s organic standards, produced without using most conventional pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or sewage, bioengineering or ionizing radiation.

EGGS – Always local, always free-range, from Animal Welfare Approved Farms.  Our favorite providers include Putney Farms, Bethel Trails Farm, Limestone Farms, and Joyful Sounds Aviary and Farm.  You will find our eggs in our egg and cheese sandwiches as well as in our baked goods.

FRUIT – Organic and/or naturally-grown whenever local is not available.  Some of our favorite sources include the Happy Berry‘s berries and figs, Beechwood Farm‘s local peaches, and Watsonia Farm‘s local AND organic peaches and plums.  We also make good use of locally-made jams and preserves, including Imladris Farm’s Berry Best Jam, which we also sell in our grocery.

BEEF – The ground beef used in our pogachas is always local, and always antibiotic-free and pasture-raised.  We like to choose from Gibson Farms, Walker Century Farms, and Bethel Trails Farm.

BACON – We always use local bacon from either Brick House Farms or Bethel Trails Farm.

CHEDDAR – Ashe County Cheddar is our cheese of choice.  Their sharp cheddar adds a nice bite to our popular spinach cheddar scones. as well as to our sandwiches.  We also use it to top our stecca breads and for other fun experiments!

DELI MEATS – We only use Applegate Farms, which have all of the great taste that you want, without the junk that you don’t. No antibiotics and no added nitrates or nitrites.  Just the simplest ingredients – meat, water, and salt – to give you an all-natural product that you can enjoy.

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